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5 ways to prevent static shock from pets




Static electric shocks are common when the weather is dry and less humidity. Winters mostly are dry and cold (being less humid) and the use of heating appliances removes moisture from the air. Hence static shocks are a common problem during winters. Unlike humans, pets have furry skin which is a potential source of electrical charges. A small amount of electric charge builds on their skin surface which sometimes can be seen clearly. In such cases, if you touch your pet, you might get a minor electric shock. Sudden shocks can sometimes be annoying and be dangerous too. To reduce the risk of getting surprised here are 5 easy ways to prevent static shocks from pets.

1. Humidify


Feeding some moisture back into the air can be effective, as suggested by doctors. Indoor heating systems and air conditioning reduce the moisture content in the air. In such cases, humidifiers can act as an aid. Humidifiers are inexpensive devices, sold at almost any electronics store. They can balance out the moisture content of the air, helping to attain the desired humidity level. As discussed above, your furry friend can unwantedly give you a static shock during low humidity levels. Using a humidifier can reduce the formation of static charges on their skin and help reduce the cause of static shocks. 

Moreover, humidifiers can also keep your skin moisturized during dry and cold weather. Extra moisture can keep your hair dandruff free too and help maintain overall health. You can get a humidifier for your home in just under $30. Using a hygrometer is also recommended. This can help you in measuring humidity levels of your room so you can set the humidifier according to your needs.

2. Give your pet the spa treatment

spa treatment

This might sound extra to some, but if you really care for your furry bud, you should give them a spa treatment. You may use a moisturizing shampoo or a conditioner for them. Products with ingredients like oatmeal and aloe vera should be on your preference. For long term effects, natural oil products are the best. The goal here is to retain the moisture in your pet’s skin. So a good fit for your pet’s breed has to be searched for. 

Just like any other normal shampoo, you may find this one under $10 with a considerable amount of shampoo. Linda Studio, a professional groomer suggests using a spray-on conditioner for grooming your buddy. 

3. Choose brushes and combs carefully

Anti Static Brush

SAY NO TO PLASTICS! Yes, you may be able to hit two targets with one stone. Plastic combs and brushes are more prone to carry an electric charge. Which means more static shocks. Also, plastics are not a friend of the environment. Grooming your pet using a plastic brush can contribute to the formation of electric charges. So instead, choose a metallic or wooden brush. There are products like ionic brushes and combs, which people use to groom their pets. In this way, you can reduce the risk of getting surprised by your furry ball.

4. Spray

If you do not have a humidifier at home, and you really want to cuddle with your lovely pet. You must be looking for a quick and easy solution. Here is one for you. You can use a misting spray to spray on your hands before you touch your pet. Or you may also spray a mist over your pet’s skin to get it moist and reduce the charge formation. Although this might be a nice, easy way. But some pets do not like being sprayed with water. Hence, they might avoid such acts and either go away from you or attack. 

You may find any anti-static spray at your near-by store. However, it is not recommended to use them for a longer period or as a daily routine. Anti-static sprays can have adverse effects on your pet’s skin. Using such sprays may get their fur entangled so you will have to brush every time you use it. 

Moreover, pets have a habit of licking their skin, so you might need to apply it again and again. Also, they might be swallowing such in a toxic chemical which may have negative effects on their health.

5. Cat-Centred Methods of Removing Static Electricity

If making improvements at home is not feasible, there are some other remedies too, which you may try to reduce the risk of getting static shocks from your pet. If raising the humidity level of your house is impossible, you may work on raising the moisture level in your pet’s fur. 

Applying a moisturizer over your pet’s coat such as a moisturizing spray or and especially made wipe (free of chemicals) can be good for their skin. Gently apply it over your pet’s skin and brush thoroughly. This can reduce the formation of electric charges on their skin.

Brushing the fur without using a moisturizer can create static charges on their skin. Using a moisturizer with preventing this. A brush with soft bristles must be used here, or anionic or metallic brush would be better. Also using a moisturizer will help improve their skin.

Furthermore, you can reduce static electricity at home by using anti-cling fabric static sprays or sofas, chairs, and other fabric materials. But you will have to be choosy while purchasing such a product as you need to find out one which is free of harmful chemicals. If your pet experiences an allergic reaction or shows unregular symptoms, discontinue using the product, and consult your veterinarian.

Using a humidifier and a moisturizer are the best possible solutions for avoiding static shocks. Things other than these require other necessary precautions to be taken along with.

Get Creative
Sometimes the simplest of things can prove to be a great remedy in solving little problems. The cheapest of all methods is to get a little creative while finding out the solution to your problems. Many pets lovers have been successful in finding low-cost cures to static shocks. 

To reduce the risk of charge formation on their pet’s coat. People have been using an anti-static dryer sheet. Rubbing the sheet on their furs proved to be an effective method in reducing static shocks. Although this might be a temporary solution and needs to be repeated over a certain period, but still, when you have nothing handy, you can do this.

Changing your pet’s diet can be equally effective at times. Adding omega-3 as a food supplement can help to improve the condition of your pet’s skin and help keep it moisturized. 

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